Just Knowing Your Nouns and Verbs Makes you no Translator

Yesterday I came across a friend of mine who`s really funny when he speaks English. You see, he knows lots of nouns, verbs, and the English grammar, too, but no Englishman (or American) can ever understand him, and that frustrates him a lot. The reason has nothing to do with his accent, or if he pronounces words in an […]

Why Writing is Like Golfing…

I’m a writer, and I’m a golfer. Are there any two activities as far apart as writing and golfing are? And yet, they are so close to each other when what matters is having success at them. I throw it here and now: golfing and writing have so many things in common that I believe I’m writing when I’m out […]

Writer’s Doubt Syndrome – WDS

In these last years, I met with many developing writers (aren’t we all). Some have found agents and publishers, others are not even looking for such an experience and swear for the independent publishing revolution. Some us have been offered publishing contracts and refused to sign the constraining clauses. No matter where the writers are in their […]

A Year in the Making …

Today marks a milestone for me as a person and as a writer. Today I’ll open my heart to you, I’ll show you my doubts, my frustrations, and my dreams, too. An author, a writer, a person, a husband, a father. How many hats do we wear every day? Ah, yes, also a professional, a […]

Mesmerizing Viewers and Readers. Stephen Jared – Actor and Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, today I have the immense pleasure to host Stephen Jared. <Spotlights flood the scene, the audience is in standing ovation, and the roar is deafening.> I know, I know. I warned some of you that we would have had a special guest, but you have to agree with me: I floored you! […]

Ray Bradbury Gives 12 Pieces of Writing Advice to Young Authors (2001)

Ray Bradbury needs no introduction. He has reached far beyond his established audience and offered writing advice to anyone who puts pen to paper. In this 2001 keynote address at Point Loma Nazarene University’s Writer’s Symposium By the Sea, Bradbury tells stories from his writing life, all of which offer lessons on how to hone […]

The Benefits of Being an Unknown Author

If you’re writing for money and fame, you’ve missed the point of writing altogether. Write because you have the urge. Write because you can’t not be writing. If you have talent it WILL be recognized, eventually. The act of writing itself should be the reward. Being published will be  anti-climactic. [This is a guest post […]

National Novel Writing Month Powers Up with Half a Million Writers

Berkeley, CA (October 7, 2013) In its 15th year, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) expects a historic 500,000 writers to join the largest writing event in the world. The challenge? To write 50,000 words of a novel in the 30 days of November. Half a million people on all seven continents (including one very chilly writer at Antarctica’s […]

Too good to be true…

Cartoon by Charles M. Schulz Museum. Let’s admit it. It’s our ‘baby’, we spent time with it, nights and days, polishing, reviewing, changing, cutting and adding, rinsed and repeated many times. It’s been proofread and edited, too. And it cost us money that—for the majority of self-published writers—will never be recovered. What to do then? […]

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