Desperately seeking for Time

It’s a common thing to hear this from non-writers: “I would write a book, but I simply have no time to write.” Usually they also give you “the look” as in “you have too much free time for yourself. Jobless? No family? No kids?” This is where you have to be honest with yourself. A […]

The Dreaded Writers Block

Writers who claim writers block doesn’t exist, never had it. Those who have spent days, weeks, and months not being able to put their thoughts down on paper, know it exists. There isn’t a writer in the world who hasn’t had problems—at one time or another—finding the right word or idea. Those who write columns […]

Writer’s Doubt Syndrome – WDS

In these last years, I met with many developing writers (aren’t we all). Some have found agents and publishers, others are not even looking for such an experience and swear for the independent publishing revolution. Some us have been offered publishing contracts and refused to sign the constraining clauses. No matter where the writers are in their […]

Is Writing an Act of Courage, or a Leap of Faith?

“What am I doing?” Is there anyone who at one time or another hasn’t questioned why he’s hitting keys of a hot computer’s keyboard? Do you have to dig to find the strength to keep going when you reread your work and feel it might have been better if you had hit the keys with your feet? […]

The Writing Process

(The Writing Process. My apologies, Dr. Seuss) I can write in a car, I can write by a fire, I can write in a boat, I can write on a float. I can write on a table, I can write when I’m able; I can write anywhere. Among the questions writers torture themselves with are whether we should write […]

Most writers earn less than £600 a year, survey reveals – from

Most writers earn less than £600 a year, survey reveals Figures show the vast majority of authors, both traditionally and self-published, are struggling to make a living from their work – Alison Flood, Friday 17 January 2014 The publishing industry has never been so sharply divided. In the week when the erotica writer Sylvia […]

The Best New Science Fiction Authored By Emerging Independent Writers

Science Fiction Awesome Indies maintains a list of the best independent science fiction available today. Each indie sci fi title listed below has been evaluated for quality and strength of writing. These independent science fiction authors produce some of the best work you’ve never heard of. Hover and click on the book link for details […]

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