The Science in Science Fiction

Each year, the prestigious journal Science lists the best scientific discoveries, drawing up a separate ranking. The editors of the magazine cast their eyes to the future, indicating the areas of greatest scientific interest in the coming years. According to Science, what expects us will have to wait for the “scientific satisfactions” from experiments, large and small, […]

When Also the Universe Suffered from Inflation

In cosmology, the term “inflation” refers to the theorized rapid expansion of the early Universe. Scientists explained inflation as caused by the presence of a spin-zero elementary particle born with the Big Bang, or the “Fiat Lux” moment. The recently discovered Higgs boson, the so-called ‘God’s particle’ is such a particle but, per se, it is not sufficient […]

Wormholes: Science and Discovery

At the center of our galaxy there wouldn’t be a giant black hole but a wormhole connected to another part of our universe or, maybe, to another universe. It will take several years of observation made ​​with a new infrared interferometer called Gravity, being built within the structure of the largest telescope in the Atacama […]


Wormholes … or the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. In 1963, Roy Kerr found that if a black hole is rotating it creates a space time singularity in the form of a ring, not a point, and that in principle a particle may be able to fall through the hole instead; the particle may not be lost forever. When this […]

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