A reader’s blessing…

Today I’m blessed again. Aren’t these words the reason a writer goes on every day? “Opened his veins and bled until words came out.” “In the tale, in the telling, we are all one blood. Take the tale in your teeth, then, and bite till the blood runs, hoping it’s not poison; and we will all […]

Blue World – Jack Vance

Blue World has a basic but intriguing theme: a planet populated by the survivors of a space shipwreck, which have to fight for survival, cut off from civilization, and forced to regress to the level of pure survival. Of course, the novel by Jack Vance is not original, countless are the worlds that have had this […]

Alas, Babylon – Pat Frank

Alas, Babylon Maybe, we can scarcely imagine the climate of terror in which the world had plunged in the fifties, when the specter of nuclear war began to get more and more threatening, but you can get an idea by reading the many science fiction novels on the subject. The belief in progress ended with the horrors […]

Night Walk – Bob Shaw

Born in Belfast in 1931, graduated in mechanical engineering, Robert Shaw began writing fiction in 1954, but in 1975 he left his work as a designer aircraft to become a full-time writer. Author of scientifically accurate novels, Shaw is one of the most representative of the Anglo-Saxon science fiction, but also one of the most […]

Little Brother – Cory Doctorow

Yallow Marcus and his friends are seventeen, live into a near future Earth, and do the things kids normally do at their age. The schools they attend are equipped with futuristic surveillance systems — based on gait pattern recognition and real-time tracking of RFID tags inserted in their books — and the lessons they follow make use of schoolbooks of the last […]

The World of Null-A – Alfred E. Van Vogt

Author at the tip of the so-called “golden age,” Alfred E. Van Vogt wrote several novels that have influenced generations of readers and writers.  The World of Null-A is one of his most representative works, and like is the case with other novels of the Canadian author, it will divide readers into enthusiastic supporters and fierce detractors. […]

Shadrach in the Furnace – Robert Silverberg

Written by Robert Silverberg in his most creative phase, Shadrach in the Furnace is a novel that describes an unpleasant world: tyranny and degradation dominate the uncertain lives of men, threatened by a terrible genetic disease. After a long series of political upheavals — started with the eruption of the volcano Cotopaxi — and the terrible […]

Imperial Earth – Arthur C. Clarke

In Imperial Earth the solar system is a busy place, colonies of satellites and planets are connected by large starships, huge structures arise in the asteroid belt, the scientific and social progress has made obsolete concepts such as racism and sexism. This is the vision from Arthur C. Clarke, who with Imperial Earth gives us an optimistic representation […]

Pebble in the Sky – Isaac Asimov

Sometimes life is hard for the protagonists of science fiction novels: you can be thrown out of your space-time, and end up in another place and/or in other times. When all else fails, you land into other dimensions. You don’t know what lies ahead once there, the rare pleasant surprises, easier to be greeted by green men with […]

The Fountains of Paradise – Arthur C. Clarke

The Fountains of Paradise takes place in a scenario typical of many novels from Clarke. We are about a hundred years in the future, in a solar system that begins to be colonized in a massive way, a situation, if not likely, at least possible. The novel has been published in 1979 and Clarke envisions […]

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