Finalist 2014 Readers’ Favorite Annual Award

  It is a honour and a privilege to announce that Once Humans: Daimones Trilogy, Vol.2  is shortlisted as 2014 Finalist in Best Science Fiction and Best Romance/SciFi-Fantasy Awards by Readers’ Favorite. “We are proud to announce the finalists in our 2014 Readers’ Favorite annual International Award Contest! This was no easy task as this year saw […]

The Science in the Breathing Membrane of "Once Humans"

Why can’t we breath under water the way fish do? They need oxygen just as we do. Fish, though, don’t breath the oxygen in the water molecule (H2O), they breath the free oxygen that’s dissolved into water. And the waters of our lakes and oceans contain plenty of it. Newborn mammals can survive in water for long periods of time. […]

Consciousness as a State of Matter

In Once Humans (Daimones Trilogy) an alien artifact enters the scenes: the Memnosphere. The device is a quantum computer and the fluid-like substance the device is made of is able to reproduce consciousness from all the memory tiles collected from a subject — usually deceased. The Moîrai use it to preserve the wisdom of the Wisest of the past […]

Once Humans | Another Universe

Once Humans (Daimones Trilogy) by Massimo Marino Posted in Science Fiction & Fantasy by editor – December 30, 2013 Amazon, $4.50, 314 pages The second in the Daimones Trilogy from Massimo Marino, does a great job of clueing in the reader about the first book with a detailed prologue, making the reading of the first volume not necessary. Once Humans continues […]

CHARLIE BRAY’S BOOK REVIEWS – Five Great Indie Books |

So you can forget about the mystery of crop circles and flashing UFOs in the sky. This alien invasion is real. Well not real, but certainly more transparent. The first mission of any self-respecting bunch of aliens is to destroy the humans. Not all of them – just nearly all of them. The few that […]

Author Meetup: Massimo Marino by Lyn Horner

From Lyn Horner. Today, I’m fortunate to host my online friend, Italian author of post apocalyptic fiction, Massimo Marino.About the author:Massimo says, Hi Lyn and visitors. I’m a physicist who worked at CERN for 10 years, then moved to the US with the Lawrence Berkeley Lab in California, on to Apple Inc. at the European Head […]

Choosing a Point of View for Your Story

Point of view is the perspective from which a story is told. Stories can be narrated in: First person, using “I” or “we” Third person (“he,” “she,” “it”), which can be limited or omniscient Second person, “you.” Rare, the least common point of view. We won’t go into that, even. Different point of view allow […]

Once Humans Review

Once Humans Volume 2 of the Daimones Trilogy by Massimo Marino Reviewed by Geoff Nelder Kindle ASIN: B00DJL3B9O Paperback: 316 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (July 9, 2013) Language: English ISBN-10: 1490395636 ISBN-13: 978-1490395630 Element of spoiler in this review but only to entice. Dan Amenta and his family awoke to find […]

Dystopian, Utopian, and Cacotopian

The word dystopian comes from the ancient greek with δυσ-, “bad”, and τόπος, “place.” Alternatively it can also be called cacotopia, or anti-utopia. The word dystopia represents a counterpart of utopia. Many dystopias described in fictional works present a utopian society, where good-life seems to have been achieved, but suffering by at least one fatal […]

Once Human by Massimo Marino review

Once Humans (Daimones Trilogy) by Massimo Marino review 24 Tuesday Sep 2013 Posted by Sharlene Almond The writing captured my attention from the start. It is almost poetic, helping the reader to envision an imaginative picture of an unimaginable universe, seeing what some may think is impossible to see. Yet the writer seems to make it plausible. Although […]

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