Guide For Down-And-Dirty Hairy-Knuckled Sci-Fi Writers Part Seven

In case you missed Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, and Part Six. This lexicon was compiled by Mr Lewis Shiner and Mr Bruce Sterling from the work of many writers and critics over many years of genre history, and it contains buzzwords, notions and critical terms of direct use to Science Fiction workshop organized by […]

22 Most Underestimated Rules That Will Affect Your Writing

For Hemingway, the secret to effective writing was to forget about the flowery prose of the literati and keep your writing simple, short, and clear. When he went to work for the Kansas City Star in 1917 he was given four rules for effective writing, and he stuck with them his whole life. Here they are: 1. […]

Astounding Stories and Lessons Learned

When I started writing I was too young to think of what I was doing and have moments of reflection on crafting a novel. My Dad received “Astounding Stories” and I wasn’t allowed to read the magazines but they did have astounding covers; I dreamed about them. Based on those covers, I created stories in […]

Breakthrough Authors Blog Hop November 25 – 29 2013

This hop is a joint effort of authors and bloggers alike. We are collaborating to introduce ourselves and our works and projects while providing you, our valuable readers and followers, a chance to win fabulous prizes. All we ask is for you to visit the blogs of all participating authors and bloggers. The hop begins […]

I Write Naked

So far, I’ve asked in my authors’ interviews a provocative question: “Do you write naked?” Everyone answered the question by its face value, and it led to juicy jokes, but no, I don’t mean it literally. To say the truth, the question is presented as a joke, so witty answers are expected but I want […]

7 Reasons to Write an Entire 1st Draft before Going Back to the Beginning

There are important benefits of writing a novel or memoir first draft from beginning to end before going back and starting again. Here are seven of them that you should know. 1) Rather than stop and start over again and again, when you allow yourself to write a rough first draft from beginning to end, […]

Show, Do Not Tell…

Do not tell. How Christopher Marlowe, in Doctor Faustus, described Helen of Troy? Hers, he said, was “the face that launched a thousand ships.” See, no details! and yet, even today, Helen of Troy is fabled as one of the most beautiful women in the world, all ages confounded. Show, do not tell, also means that you have […]

R.U.E. Resist the Urge to Explain

There’s one rule in writing known as R.U.E., Resist the Urge to Explain. In other words, writing doesn’t follow Math: One plus One = One half. When you repeat an ‘effect’, the weaker undermines the stronger and the result is the weakest of all. It happens when we try to stress what we want to say, […]

Desperately seeking for Time

It’s a common thing to hear from non-writers: I would write a book, but I simply have no time to write. Usually they also give you “the look” as in “you have too much free time for yourself. Jobless? No family? No kids?” This is where you have to be honest with yourself. A day […]

On Writing: Characters description…

Often, while writing my novels I stopped to answer a question that keeps bugging me: How much is too much when describing a character? When to stop characters description? An author I like says that he is “not particularly keen on writing which exhaustively describes the physical characteristics of the people in the story and […]

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