I Spent the Night at the Hospital

Yesterday, Life reminded me how ephemeral everything we do is and–also because of this–how important and crucial are every moment, every day, from the little smiled “good morning” of your wife/husband/significant other/cat/dog, to the last look at the glitters the silver moonlight blinks at you with from the shattered glass you broke and damned the day […]

A Love To Live For

It was windy. Still, a perfect day. Looking at the water always had a special effect on both of them. They loved water, the sea, and the blue sky…the color of her eyes. And “water is life,” she said. Indeed, the way the waves were chasing each other—peacefully, calmly—gave him a sense of eternity, of […]

Love is forever

Who doesn’t wish for the miracle of love to last forever? Wouldn’t you halt the flow of time to suspend that warm feeling so that it cannot fade, never to be betrayed by the weight of the years and the tiredness? Wouldn’t you gift everyone with that?

Mother's Love

They gave us life, they nurtured us in their wombs, and they naturally know what is best for us. Mother used to quote Agatha Christie: “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands […]

Tender Moments

Sanity is skin deep. Love can be so much deeper… “He liked those moments of infinite sweetness, when time seemed suspended. They meant life to him. Cleaning was the hard part, though. Amy loved a pristine house.

Stranded Love

  Sanity is only skin deep. Love can be much deeper. This collection of short stories explores how the strongest love can lead to evil, horror, and madness. Five short stories exploring how the greatest evil and cruelty can ultimately point to…love: – Tender Moments – Love is Forever – Till Death Do Us Part […]

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