The Last Colony – John Scalzi

Could John Perry, be satisfied with the peaceful life as the Ombudsman of a peaceful colony, after spending the previous years of his life in constant danger, as a soldier of the Colonial Defense Forces? And what about his wife, Jane Sagan, who—in a sense—was born in that life full of danger? The Colonial Union ask […]

Redshirts – John Scalzi

Redshirts, a peculiar space adventure. When Andrew Dahl takes service with a sense of bride aboard the flagship Intrepid of the Universal Union, he soon realizes that things are not as they should on board. First of all, the death rate among the low ranks is scary, even when taking into account that the missions of the […]

Old Man’s War – John Scalzi

Life begins at 75 years. At least that’s what John Perry—who has reached this age—hopes. John Scalzi supposes that all things human-physiology will have limits in the future, even after the colonization of space. Even more so, precisely in space there could be new challenges to human’s limitations. In his future world, at 65 the “elders” […]

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