“Write Every Day” – Simone Pond

Award-winning author of young adult dystopian fiction. Simone Pond is an award-winning author of dystopian fiction. Her current series includes The City Center, The New Agenda, The Mainframe, and The Torrent. She also has a short story series called Voices of the Apocalypse. She grew up in Kensington, Maryland—a small town just outside of Washington […]

Getting Personal … with Author Raymond Bolton

Today we welcome Author Raymond Bolton. Raymond divides his time between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Portland, Oregon. Prior to being published, he won several awards for his work. Most recently, under its working title, Renunciation, Awakening was a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association’s 2013 literary competition from among hundreds of entries from the […]

Getting Personal … with Author Michael Smith

Today we’re here to discover a fantasy writer, Michael Smith, author of The Road to Ascendance. As the author says, it’s a saga “with heroes and nightmare foes, themes of morality, religion, self-sacrifice, and the value of sentient life permeating each choice, each conflict, each miracle.” Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and a master’s degree […]

Getting Personal … with Tom King

Today we welcome sf author Tom King. Tom had three careers in his life: as a print journalist/editor, a federal archaeologist and a science fiction writer. Been married three times. Tom says: “Have three grown kids who are more ‘normal’ in society than I am. Have a couple of college degrees. And I love to spend […]

Getting Personal … with Linda Fulton

Today we’re getting personal with Linda Fulton. Linda writes paranormal romance under the pen name L. W. Browning, where W. stands for Walker. No relationship with the Ranger (we all know that “Love makes the world go round.”) L. Walker writes mostly humorous short stories about her adventures. Being blessed with a funny life, she […]

AUDIO – Indie Author Interview: Massimo Marino "Once Humans" | The Bookcast

SF/Fantasy/Post-Apocalyptic The Rebirth of the Human Race January 29, 2014 Mankind is undergoing rebirth. New arrivals are closely watched by the Selected, the transgenic beings created by the Moirai. New communities thrive with the aliens’ support, and peace and security reign on Eridu, as the planet Earth is now known by the Moirai and in […]

FABULOSITY READS: Chatting to multi Award Winning Author_Massimo Marino: #Interview and #Giveaway

Ladies and gentlemen help me welcome a wonderful writer, scientist and blogger. And I am very proud to also say, member of my fabulous Tour Host Team. One of the things I love about having starting the touring company is the amount of diversely talented people I am coming across, more now than in all […]

Getting Personal … with Author Theresa Snyder

I met Theresa through a mutual Twitter writing friend. Theresa is a writer with a backlog of novellas. She also has a dragon that lives with her part-time and steals her Twitter account on the last day of every month in order to tweet to ‘his’ followers. Theresa was born in California, lived in every […]

Getting Personal … with Author Sylvia Petter

Dear monkeys <monkeys perform their jungle happy dancing> (and ladies and gentlemen), today we have the pleasure to host on our hot grill Sylvia Petter. Sylvia Petter is an Australian expat author now based in Vienna. She used to live in the Geneva area when she was working for a UN telecoms agency. While there, she was […]

Author Meetup: Massimo Marino by Lyn Horner

From Lyn Horner. http://lynhorner.com/2013/11/04/monday-author-meetup-massimo-marino/ Today, I’m fortunate to host my online friend, Italian author of post apocalyptic fiction, Massimo Marino.About the author:Massimo says, Hi Lyn and visitors. I’m a physicist who worked at CERN for 10 years, then moved to the US with the Lawrence Berkeley Lab in California, on to Apple Inc. at the European Head […]

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