Independent Publishing: On Its Way and Here To Stay!

Shake, Rattle, and Roll! If you’re like me, you’re a little tired of slams you hear against self-publishing and independent presses. They call it a substandard industry, a vanity pursuit, a joke. But you know it isn’t. It takes a lot of work to write a book and bring it to market, and if you independently publish […]

Every drunken man’s dream is a book

Guest post by Anna Castle Every month or so we get another outcry against self-published fiction. Some are aimed at the Beast of Amazon, destroyer of standards and scourge of literature, like George Packer’s bitter lament in The New Yorker (“Cheap words,” February 17, 2014) or Thad McIlroy’s anxious number-crunching on his blog (“How amazon destroyed the […]

Amazon reveals quarter of Kindle ebook sales in US were for indie publishers

Figures from world’s biggest bookseller trumpeted as sign of how self-publishing and smaller labels are changing the industry Liz Bury The Guardian, Wednesday 4 December 2013 19.25 GMT ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if we reached a situation where the majority of the top books are author-published,’ said Orna Ross of the UK Alliance of Independent […]

Changing perspectives in today's publishing

DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated to pandamoon, I’ve not received any compensation for this post, I’ve never used pandamoon services (and might never do, either). The discussion pandamoon executives wrote on today’s publishing scenario—and many of its conclusions—do resonate with me. I share “verbatim” their words as a starting point for a possible discussion with readers […]

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