Getting Personal … with Author Raymond Bolton

Today we welcome Author Raymond Bolton. Raymond divides his time between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Portland, Oregon. Prior to being published, he won several awards for his work. Most recently, under its working title, Renunciation, Awakening was a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association’s 2013 literary competition from among hundreds of entries from the […]

Getting Personal … with Author A.R. Taylor

Today we have the pleasure to discuss with author A. R. Taylor. She has published in the Los Angeles Times, the Southwest Review, Pedantic Monthly, The Cynic online magazine, the Berkeley Insider, So It Goes, the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Magazine on Humor, Red Rock Review, and Rosebud, among others. L. A.’s New Short Fiction […]

Getting Personal … with Author Sylvia Petter

Dear monkeys <monkeys perform their jungle happy dancing> (and ladies and gentlemen), today we have the pleasure to host on our hot grill Sylvia Petter. Sylvia Petter is an Australian expat author now based in Vienna. She used to live in the Geneva area when she was working for a UN telecoms agency. While there, she was […]

Getting Personal … when Author Simone Beaudelaire

When I started this series, I wondered whether I would have had any takers for the interviews. After all, let’s admit it, most are trite and re-trite. Apart friends and significant others, how many readers go around to read authors’ interviews? And so I had one word that twisted and agitated my mind… WHEN. When […]

Getting Personal… with Author Sunshine Somerville

Ok, with a name like that you immediately think of “pseudonym” and instead the first thing that comes to mind is… how do I see the rest of the picture and GET PERSONAL with Sunshine! 🙂 Ladies, monkeys and men (almost a pseudonym of one another) today we have for you a beaming star! <jungle […]

Getting Personal… with Author J.C. Allen

Ladies and gentlemen, monkeys and bananas, today we welcome on stage Author J.C. Allen.  J.C. is the son of an online friend, so it is a double pleasure to give him to the famelic hordes of interviews readers.  Born and raised in the Charleston, WV area, this young single father started writing when unimaginable circumstances […]

Getting personal… Author James A. Anderson

Today we have the pleasure to be fencing words with author James A. Anderson.  James was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1948. Early upbringing and education in Scotland and England before the family moved to Canada. Graduated from Ancaster High School in Ontario and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Honors BA in History. Was a […]

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