The Earth in Daimones – An Apocalyptic Travel

            “Even with the best of intentions, cruelty is just around the corner.“ The Daimones Trilogy deals with many themes, from survival and the rebirth of the race of man after an alien apocalypse, to love and romance in a dying world, and the rise of new ethics and morals.  Why […]

Are you an Amazon KDP Select Advocate?

I recently saw and commented an article (linked below) from Derek Haines on KDP Select (publishing only and exclusively on Amazon) as THE way to go for self-publishing authors. From the article: “Unlike myself, my old friend Derek Haines (and a few other writers I know) constantly hop in and out of bed with whichever […]

The Indie Minimum Wage and the ebook Minimum Price

If you remember, Apple Inc. lost a legal battle over ebook price, started in 2012. They are appealing, now. For a long background see CNET’s extensive overview from mid-2013, but the battle over ebook price has an impact on everyone, those who read—and write—ebooks. When Apple lost the case, the  result was that Amazon was able to keep […]

The Future of Reader Store | Sony shuts down

via The Future of Reader Store | Sony by Reader Store 02/06/2014 As you know, our customers always come first, which is why we want to share the news firsthand about an announcement made today from Sony regarding its plan to close Reader Store in the U.S. and Canada. Although we’re sorry to say goodbye to the […]

Amazon launching Kindle Matchbook in October…

A great collection of the most recent information on Amazon Kindle Matchbook programme, from Faydra Deon of Independent Author Index, and her explicit permission to reprint.   Amazon launching Kindle Matchbook in October… If you purchased a print book on Amazon, retroactive to 1995, you’ll be able to get the Kindle version of the book at […]

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