Of Godlike Power – Mack Reynolds

In Of Godlike Power, Mark Reynolds quipped on the consumer society (at the time of the novel, they used to call it “affluent society”) by placing in his bulls-eye the organization of work and leisure time—thus also of culture—in the capitalist system, its inequities and absurdities, the squandering of resources, brain, and so on. This “critique” is conducted by […]

Vulcan’s Hammer – Philip K. Dick

 Vulcan’s Hammer might be one of the lesser works of Dick, true, but it remains an interesting novel narrating of a world ruled by computers as only Dick could do. In this planet Earth of the future, all major decisions—in every field—are taken by a supercomputer known as Vulcan. The computer processes data are provided by “Directors” of the […]

Mission of Gravity – Hal Clement

Hal Clement, also known as Harry Clement Stubbs, was born in Somerville, Massachusetts, in 1922 and published his first science fiction story in Astounding Science Fiction in 1942, a year before graduating in astronomy. After serving as a USAF bomber pilot, with 35 missions over the Nazi Germany, Clement remained in the Air Force as a […]

Roma Eterna – Robert Silverberg

The relationship between Robert Silverberg and science fiction was one of those difficult and complicated marriages, started in 1955 with Revolt on Alpha C, a novel for teenagers (today we call them YA) who talk about space cadets and their first training cruise… would you be able to imagine anything more obvious? The initial production of […]

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