The Indie Minimum Wage and the ebook Minimum Price

If you remember, Apple Inc. lost a legal battle over ebook price, started in 2012. They are appealing, now. For a long background see CNET’s extensive overview from mid-2013, but the battle over ebook price has an impact on everyone, those who read—and write—ebooks. When Apple lost the case, the  result was that Amazon was able to keep […]

Scientist is IN

  Will your future technology idea make sense or will make sci-fi die hard fans regurgitate their breakfast? Don’t hesitate. Scientist is IN. I’m a PhD in Physics and a Computer Scientist. I worked 10 years at CERN contributing to smashing those poor particles head-on and analyze their decay products and 8 years with the Lawrence […]

Author Meetup: Massimo Marino by Lyn Horner

From Lyn Horner. Today, I’m fortunate to host my online friend, Italian author of post apocalyptic fiction, Massimo Marino.About the author:Massimo says, Hi Lyn and visitors. I’m a physicist who worked at CERN for 10 years, then moved to the US with the Lawrence Berkeley Lab in California, on to Apple Inc. at the European Head […]

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