Cover Reveal – “Daimones” – Booktrope Publishing edition

If you were subscribed to my newsletter,  you would already know that I’ve signed with Booktrope Publishing. The whole Daimones trilogy will receive new covers, new editing and proofreading, some rewrite and some culling, all while waiting for me to finish my fourth novel, “The Law,” a YA Urban SF.

If not, now you know.

Daimones, Book 1, is available on Amazon right now, on other online stores in the coming days.

It is also now on NetGalley, the connection point for book publishers, reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers, bloggers, journalists, and educators producing professional reviews for major publishing houses around the world.


About the book: Nothing could have prepared them for the last day. Explore the future of humanity in Massimo Marino’s sci-fi debut, Daimones, an apocalyptic tale that feels like it could happen tomorrow. You may never sleep through a windstorm again.
Death swept away the lives of billions, but spared Dan Amenta and his family, leading them to an uncertain future. When merely surviving isn’t enough and the hunt for answers begins, memories from the past and troubling encounters lead Dan to the truth about the extermination of the human race. Distressing revelations give new meaning to their very existence.
Early humans shaped the future and seeded a plan millions of years in the making. Now survivors must choose: Endure a future with no past or fade away into a past with no future?
Does this mean I’m no more an independent author? I think the border is becoming fuzzier and fuzzier, the perceived war between traditional published authors, independent authors, hybrid, and more labels than you can count on your hand, will disappear.In the publishing universe of tomorrow there will be authors and their readers, all supported by publishing service professionals who help storytellers achieve the highest standards with their stories, and provide more readers with more great stories.
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