The Last Colony – John Scalzi

Could John Perry, be satisfied with the peaceful life as the Ombudsman of a peaceful colony, after spending the previous years of his life in constant danger, as a soldier of the Colonial Defense Forces? And what about his wife, Jane Sagan, who—in a sense—was born in that life full of danger? The Colonial Union ask […]

The Faith of the Nine

~ Book Blast ~ About the Book: The Third Yuga is slowly drawing to a close. Nam – the greatest Empire on Janani – is going to face some fierce winds of change. Seers foresee omens of death and destruction in the return of the Banished One – A God who will claim the ashes […]

“Soul Warrior” Release Day Blitz

About the Book: Twisted myths. Discretion advised.  Fight fate, or succumb to destiny? In the dark Age of Kali, the Soul Warrior alone stands guard over the Human Realm, protecting its denizens from evil-willed asuras or demons. When a trick of fate appoints him guru to a motley crew of godlings, he agrees to train […]

Spiderworld – by Richard Bunning

AIA Publishing has just released its fifth book, and in line with previous fiction titles, the book has a unique voice and a metaphysical bent. Spiderworld by Richard Bunning turns the tables on humans and spiders, and makes you think about humankind’s relationship with animals and with each other. Not even the time-lord, Orlando Oversight, […]

Of Godlike Power – Mack Reynolds

In Of Godlike Power, Mark Reynolds quipped on the consumer society (at the time of the novel, they used to call it “affluent society”) by placing in his bulls-eye the organization of work and leisure time—thus also of culture—in the capitalist system, its inequities and absurdities, the squandering of resources, brain, and so on. This “critique” is conducted by […]

Vulcan’s Hammer – Philip K. Dick

 Vulcan’s Hammer might be one of the lesser works of Dick, true, but it remains an interesting novel narrating of a world ruled by computers as only Dick could do. In this planet Earth of the future, all major decisions—in every field—are taken by a supercomputer known as Vulcan. The computer processes data are provided by “Directors” of the […]

Star Trek – Alan Dean Foster

Novelizations, i.e., adaptations in the form of a novel of the story of a movie, is a difficult task. Without much circumlocution, they do not always manage to live of their own life. Essentially, they are part of the promotional machine, an attempt to obtain as much dollars as possible from the fame of a film. The writer […]

Starship Troopers – Robert Heinlein

Science fiction is made to provoke controversy. No other genre has the same capability to choose future worlds, alternative utopias and distopias of all kinds, and  the ability to generate fierce battles in the fandom. If we were to elect an author who represents well this trend Robert Anson Heinlein would be a good candidate, among his […]

Farnham’s Freehold – Robert Heinlein

We are back to Robert Heinlein with a novel that mixes a post-nuclear future, time travel, and alternate realities, three classic themes of science fiction, treated in hundreds of novels and short stories, but rarely all together. It also reminds me of some of the post-apocalyptic survivors’ themes of my “Daimones Trilogy.” Farnham’s Freehold starts in […]

The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger

I recently saw the movie, and was intrigued enough to look for the book. At twenty-eight years old, Henry DeTamble meets Clare Abshire along the aisles of the Newberry Library in Chicago and is immediately mesmerized by her. What leaves him puzzled, however, is not the attractiveness of the young red haired twenty-something, or at least not only […]

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