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I wrote fantastic stories and science fiction since I was a kid, short stories and novellas, but never had anyone read them. It was a personal thing: My father and my older brother received “Astounding Stories” and other Sci-Fi ‘zines, but I was too little to be allowed to read them, so I looked at the covers…and imagined things for myself. Then, work and life took their toll and I stopped writing those tales.

A few years ago, in 2011, for various reasons, I started again with some burning inside that needed to come out. On the first weekend I got over 15000 words, then subscribed to for peer review, lurked a year keeping on writing and getting feedback, and last September my debut novel, “Daimones“, saw the light. It received the 2012 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award in Science Fiction. A debut novel among so many established authors in the competition.

In September 2013, “Daimones” won the 2013 Hall of Fame – Best Science Fiction from Quality Reads UK Book Club in collaboration with OrangeBerry Book Tours, shortlisted among thousands of other great candidates. I’m writing now Vol.3 of the Daimones Trilogy,  published the Vol.2 “Once Humans (Daimones Trilogy)” – 2014 Awarded in the Best Science Fiction category at the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, and a small collection of short horrid stories, “Stranded Love. Vol.3 The Rise of the Phoenix (Daimones Trilogy) is available in digital and printed edition since May 2014.

So, what about me now… I’m Italian, and because even in Italy that means everything and nothing at all, I should say, I am Sicilian, and I was born in Palermo. As it happened with countless Sicilians before me, I left the region for good in 1986. I spent more years abroad than in my home country, and I have changed in many and different ways than my old friends there. It is always a pleasure to go back, but it is now 6 long years since my last visit. Saudade? Maybe, a little. I lived in Switzerland, France, and the United States.

I am a scientist, and have spent over 17 years in fundamental research. Most of my writing are then academic stuff, and I always wonder at how much Google is able to find about everyone. I am sure one has to Google oneself so not to forget too much…I worked for many years at CERN—an international lab for particle physics research near Geneva, Switzerland—then in the US at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Fantastic moments and memories from those years. In 2005 I moved to the private sector, worked with Apple Inc., and then for the World Economic Forum. I’m glad for your visit today, explore the various areas with book reviews and authors interviews, the blog, and my writing, too, if there’s time.  I hope we can become friends over the lines…

Massimo Marino is an Active Member of SFWA – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and published by Booktrope Publishing LCC.

A deadly, silent invasion leaves survivors befuddled, wary, and broken. A First Contact and an Apocalypse with roots millions of years old.

  • Hall of Fame in Science Fiction 2013 – Quality Reads UK Book Club
  • Winner of PRG 2012 Reviewer’s Choice Award in Sci-Fi.
  • Winner of the PRG 2013 Reviewer’s Choice Award in Sci-Fi Series.
  • 5-stars NYT international best seller Author Jennifer Blake
  • 5-stars NYT international best seller Author Luba Brezhnev
  • 2014 Finalist Best Science Fiction Indie Excellence Awards L.A.
  • 2014 Awarded in the Best Science Fiction category at the Readers’ Favorites Book Awards

“Daimones” by Massimo Marino is an apocalypse book with a difference
It is attractively written and the language flows well. “Daimones” explores some difficult themes. Yet the plot didn’t tire but shifted gear to an exciting finish. A great read.” 5-stars Reviewed by Christopher Dagg for Readers’ Favorite

“Daimones Trilogy” book one. “A story that is compelling and offers a glimpse into a realistic world that soon becomes something more. The elements of the plot allow the reader to explore human condition as well as a paranormal existence.
The story offers a consistent flow, continuity in scene purpose, and progression of events. The characters are well developed and Dan is a solid, yet complex, main character that anchors the story.” — Greenleaf Book Group, LLC

“Massimo Marino’s Daimones is a compelling story that shows the full range of the human condition through otherworldly examples. The what-ifs in this story will leave readers with bone-chilling concerns. This book is sure to have readers yearning for more from this author. The quality of the materials rivals that of the most successful books on the market.” — Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Publishing Book Awards

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